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Trauma, episode two recap: Surely, hospital security isn't so lax and are we that obsessed with sex?


Jon’s a risk-taker, as we know from his rock-climbing hobby, and was indeed sipping on a large goblet of red wine at his birthday bash before being called into work. Was his performance in the operating theatre affected by the alcohol in his system? Did he panic or freeze momentarily at the crucial moment? Does he have something else to hide? I suect there are still twists to come.

Obsession acquired a sexual dimension

Susie was the first to turn the two men’s conflict into a willy-waving contest, flippantly taunting husband Dan after Jon’s visit: “He’s a nice guy. Clever. Fit.” “Why are you being so cruel?” pleaded desperate Dan.

He promptly booked an appointment with psychiatrist Lisa and told her a disguised version of the truth: that his son had died a month ago (from cancer, in this fictionalised account) and he was “trying to find someone to blame”, echoing his funeral eulogy. Steadily, though, his behaviour crept into sexual menace. 

First, he complimented her on her skirt. This soon spiralled into “You don’t look like a psychiatrist”, accusing her of dressing to “garner attention” and a blunt declaration: “I’m sitting here right now thinking I’d quite like to have sex with you”. Lisa was spooked enough by his twitchy behaviour to jump out of her skin when Dan fumbled around in his jacket pocket for his phone, fearing it was a weapon.

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